Acquisition Distribution Layer

Adult Baby Diaper Absorbing Nonwoven ADL Distribution Layer Materials
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    15-30 DAYS
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Air Through Nonwoven Fabric ADL
ADL(Acquisition Distribution Layer) of High Quality Raw Materials for Disposable Baby Diapers
acquisition distribution layer ADL
Breathable ADL Non-woven for Diaper Raw Materials
It can effectively help the liquid to quickly transfer from the surface to the inside and spread the liquid, so that the liquid will quickly leave the user's skin and keep the skin dry.
Super Absorbent Polymer (SAP) for Diapers
Raw Material Superabsorbent Gel Granule Powder SAP Super Absorbent Polymer For Baby Diaper Adult Sanitary Napkin Pad Pet Mat
Hot Melt Adhesive
High Quality Pressure Sensitive Adhesive Hot Melt Glue
Hot melt adhesive for baby diaper and sanitary SPECIFICATION Name: Hot Melt Adhesive/Glue Composition:Elastic Gum, Synthetic Resin,Softening Oil Color:Clear Yellow R&B Softening Point:About 69 °C - 90 °C Recommended Application Temperature:150°C~170°C Storage : One Year, Storage at airiness, shade, dryness environment; Storage temperature should not exceed 35 °C Packing:25kg/carton Carton Measurement:490*245*250mm APPLICATION: It can well bond PE film, non-woven, porous film and tissue It is designed for construction application for sanitary napkins and diapers It is specially designed for all types of high-speed full-automatic production line of sanitary pads and diapers. ADVANTAGES: - non-toxic - good viscosity - light initial color - good heat-stability - excellent sprayability - applicability is very strong TYPES OF HOT MELT ADHESIVE AVAILABLE: glue for baby diaper and sanitary napkins b.position glue for sanitary napkins c.elastic glue for baby diaper
Children Face Mask
Children Face Mask (Non-medical)
Children's masks with cartoon patterns (such as cute dogs) are very popular among boys and girls. In order to ensure the health of children, the materials we choose are the best quality materials on the market to ensure that cuteness and safety coexist.
meltblown polypropylene fabric
Melt-Blown nonwoven fabric
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KF94 Face masks
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Chikool premium baby pants
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