Production System May 13, 2021

Group Supply Chain System

Four production machinery system steps

-Machinery Factory

-Bag Printing Factory

-Backsheet Film Factory

-SAP Sheet Factory

Have a complete industrial chain and cooperate with well-known raw material suppliers at domestic and abroad for many years.

One-stop Supply Chain Service System
· Absorbency Core Production

· Packaging Bags Printing Production

· Backsheet Film Production

· Non-woven Fabric Supple

-Absorbency Core Production

Combining customer needs,tailor-made the absorbency,core products of the highest,quality and most cost-effective:
absorbency core, SAP paper,absorbency paper for diapers,composite SAP paper, supersoft absorbency paper.

-Packaging Bags Printing Production

Professional production technology Plate-making: work with the best plate maker in China to provide comprehensive pre-press process guarantee.
Ink: Work with well-known ink suppliers to provide a safe and reliable quality foundation.

-Backsheet Printing

-Non-woven Fabric Supply

Provide materials for customers to produce hygienic products, masks,etc., and can customize products based on customer requirements.

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